While the travel experience is being redefined by peer-to-peer and on-demand offerings through services like Airbnb and Uber, the tour industry hasn’t evolved at the same pace.



Live will disrupt the industry with the best-curated platform for on-demand tour bookings. We believe the next expansion will happen in the travel-experiences area, which will further increase our business.
Travel-experience providers are adapting to peer-to-peer and on-demand services, and Live will access a $80 Billion market.

”There is a huge market because tours have been ”cheesed” out. They sound boring, in reality they can be really good.”
— Harley Cross, LA Guide


Visitors from all over the world are looking for travel experiences in various countries where they can get in touch with the culture and the day-to-day life of cities, from certified local tourist guides.

With greater security and knowledge, the trip can be enriched in terms of contact between the tourist and the place they visit.

The tool aims to facilitate the work of tourism professionals by creating a direct link between service providers and tourists, avoiding bureaucracies and optimising schedules.

The trend is clear. People want to explore and have authentic experiences wherever they are traveling. And we want to be the platform they use.

Ambassadors have a huge impact through social media and broadcasting. We are confident that we and our team will boost our users in established and emerging markets.